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Competitive cost savings to our clients through the latest automated material processing technologies
How is this achieved?.
Less Scrap
Applying innovative cutting techniques our cost on scrap and consumables, ratios of 4-6% are far lower compared to exisiting conventional plate processing machinery which exceed 12-20% scrap per sheet.
Reduced Loading Times
Our Roller Feed material feeding & loading system allow operators to process more sheets faster as well as supplying superior processiong accuracy.
Faster Output
Powerful Drilling Tapping & Milling Technology, unmatched material handling efficiency, all processing operational are performed in one set up saving handling time increase accuracies.

Integrity, Quality & Craftsmanship have been the foundation of GeeWizz Precision Cutting. These are the very values that allowed us to strategically position the company as a reliable and respected supplier of high-definition plasma cutting and intricate fabrications for over 20 years.

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